Client Reviews

I love Rojyar! He is very passionate and supportive. He’s always there for me with the right advice and I owe him so much for his wisdom. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Christine B. Physician 
    Falls Church, VA

Paragon business coaching was a great fit for me. I’m pleased with the many positive adjustments I made in my life and career.

  • Alexis H. Business consultant
    Washington DC

Real life experience can’t be acquired by reading books or taking courses. I’ve worked with executive coaches in the past but there’s no comparison. Rojyar is a veteran with established business experience and his intuition has consistently proven to be accurate. I appreciate his canny knowledge of creating simple but effective strategies. Like everything else in life you get what you pay for and he is worth every dollar.

  • Moshe S. Defense contractor
    Bethesda, MD

For many years I was miserable because I was struggling with my dysfunctional family and work problems. I was living day to day and check to check with no real vision for the future. When I met Rojyar I had no idea what a huge impact he would have on my life. After we began working together he urged me to pursue my dream of opening a business. I took the leap and quit my dead end job after nine years. I was full of anxiety but he reinforced my confidence and faith in myself. He is like an ocean of positive energy and valuable information. The biggest factor for me was he didn’t just offer encouragement he showed me the way with a play by play plan to success. My business is in it’s third year now and I feel like my dreams came true. If someone had told me any of this was possible I would’ve never believed them. I am forever grateful because none of my amazing changes would be possible without Rojyar. If you are ready for change hands down he is one of the best mentors in the game.

  • Michael B. Business owner
    Bethesda, MD

I’m really happy with my coaching experience. Rojyar showed me how to love myself and leave the past behind. I overcame many self-limiting beliefs and let go of so much guilt, regret and resentment. I highly recommend him and have referred my friends.

  • Elizabeth B. Lawyer
    Baltimore, MD

Every learning session was worth the price of admission. Change is not easy and takes time, accountability, and awareness. Rojyar has profound analogies and eye opening logic that give me perspective and insight. My personal growth has been fantastic.

  • Cynthia S. Software engineer
    Washington, DC

I met Rojyar randomly one day but our short conversation really resonated with me. I have worked with a life coach previously but he is above and beyond. Two months after our first session I put in my two week notice at my job to pursue my goal. It was the best experience of my life and a major turning point. I can’t thank him enough for giving me the confidence and the ability to go for it.

  • Laura J. Senior contract specialist
    Washington DC

Rojyar helps me identify what changes to make but most importantly where and how to begin to simplify the process. He is very intelligent and his matter fact way of communicating illuminates solutions. I had several breakthroughs and see him on a regular basis to stay committed to my growth.

  • Laura W. Marketing Director
    Potomac, MD

After Rojyar worked with my brother in launching his business I knew I had to hire him. I owned a successful online retail business I started out of college a decade earlier. Income was great but I felt depressed with the direction my future was heading. Through the coaching I realized what I really want to do and Rojyar helped me sell my website and use the capital to start a business in Adams Morgan. Getting out of my comfort zone was difficult but it was the greatest thing I’ve ever did. I’m more than happy with the results.

  • Matthew B. Entrepreneur
    Washington DC

After twelve years of marriage my husband left me for a younger woman. I started drinking and taking prescription drugs spiraling deeper into depression after my divorce. I lost my identity and felt like my life had been a sham. I despised myself for being so stupid and blamed myself for not being good enough. Rojyar helped me find the strength to forgive myself, let go of the past and rebuild my life. I realized tragedy is inevitable but letting any hardship define me is a choice. Now I look at my divorce as one of the best things that ever happened to me.

  • Arianna C. Government Analyst
    Mclean, VA

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