I am Rojyar

I am the founder of Paragon DC Lifestyle Strategy. I grew up here in the DMV but also spent many years in Los Angeles. Driven by my passion for business and my desire to help others succeed I launched Paragon DC in 2010.


Over the past 20 years I founded and managed several businesses that have generated millions annually. I maintain dozens of successful relationships with clients from Fortune 500 firms to boutique sole proprietorships. I have never taken the conventional path in life. In fact, I dropped out of college to capitalize on my childhood dreams of entrepreneurship. What I lack in a formal degree I make up for with a veteran track record of success and veteran business acumen.


I’m an ENFJ best known for my sense of humor and master problem solving skills. I am grateful to have traveled to some beautiful places and to have met some truly amazing people in my time. My greatest happiness comes from helping people get what they want out of life. Every day I feel privileged to be alive and making a difference. I can help you discover your highest potential and create the happiness you desire and deserve. If you are ready, I look forward to helping you turn your dreams into reality.

-Rojyar Poozesh

My book

New digital edition book from Rojyar available in May 2017.

My videos

Now you can view all of my videos in the brand new youtube channel or in instagram.


Together we will create your road map to success.